What Folks Say

These are all true comments made to me by customers.

I get most of my testimonials at the Farmer's Market where people drop after they have used  BeeZolio for a while to tell me how it has helped them in some way. I don't usually ask for names, but I tell them I'm going to use their comments in my Customer Testimonials. So here they are!

 "You know, you can tell people that they can use BeeZolio as a hair pomade! I just rubbed it on my hair after I put it on my hands and from then on my frizzies were gone!"

"My feet have never felt better since I began to use BeeZolio on them."

"I keep one in my garden basket. Now I can't garden without one!"

"Just wanted to let you know that my dry heels are supple now—they were VERY rough before!"

I keep one of your plastic travel containers in my purse so I can use the BeeZolio on my cuticles when I need to. Now I don't pick my cuticles any more."

"I'm a contractor, and I keep a BeeZolio in my tool chest—I love it!"

Passing by: "Some day I'll be able to buy another BeeZolio - when mine finally wears out!"

"I bought one for my daughter because she bites her nails. Now there are no rough edges to catch, so she doesn't bite her nails any more!"

"I'm a cosmetologist, and I used your BeeZolio on my baby's diaper rash when none of the commercially available products worked. The pain went away, the tears dried up, and her bottom has been much much better ever since ! Also, my friend's mysterious rash disappeared completely after he used BeeZolio."

"I'll take 8 of the Travellers to use as party favors! My friends will love them! They are so unusual !

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