Softens Rough Skin Naturally

allprodfrt02.JPGBeeZolio is already a favorite among nurses and home-makers, gardeners and restaurant workers. We also hear raves from builders, cement workers, fishermen, skiers, farmers and landscape contractors whose daily work includes frequent
exposure to water or to chemicals that dry out the skin.

And BeeZolio is so simple that even those rough, tough, macho men soon see its benefits and buy it for themselves. Some kind women even buy if for their men to try (hint, hint ladies!).


Even the name  BeeZolio reflects its two simple, natural ingredients: beeswax and olive oil. It's easy to say, "Beez" and "olio". Put them together, and you get BeeZolio. That's right! And the "Z" in the middle is the sound for our friendly, hardworking honey bees make as they produce the wax we use in our  BeeZolio Natural, hygienic-and perfect for your skin.


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